Review & Tutorial: DaVinci Conditioning Brush Soap

DaVinci Conditioning Brush Soap

Although I like liquid brush cleaners, I tend to favor solid ones because of their portability. Being that I have to travel a lot with my makeup, the fewer items that are prone to spills, the better! Because of this, I spent a long time looking for a solid brush cleaner that would make a home in my kit. Enter stage left: DaVinci Conditioning Brush Soap. Below, I will give you a review of the soap, as well as a photo tutorial on how to use it. I really want you all to get a chance to see how it performs with different types of brushes, caked with different kinds of makeup.



PRICE: $15.00



SIZE: About the circumfrence of a standard drink coaster. About the thickness of a deck of playing cards.

CONSISTENCY: Solid, like a bar of soap.

SMELL: To me, it has a faint smell that is reminiscent of both lemongrass and Lemon Heads candy. Strange description, I know; however, the scent does not linger on the brush hairs once they are dry.

INGREDIENTS: Sodium Palmate, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Aqua, Sucrose, Cocoate, Sodium Chloride, Parfum.



*Big THANK YOU to my friend, Hanan, for lending her hands for this tutorial. I appreciate you, girl! LoL!*

So, let’s see how to use it, and observe how it performs! Let’s start with looking at the brushes I’m going to clean and what is caked into the bristles.


I decided to clean an assortment of different bristle types (duo fibre, synthetic, and natural hair) to see how the cleaner would attack each. I let the makeup dry into the brushes for two hours before I began the cleaning process.

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[1] Start by wetting the soap to make the surface viscous and ready to lather.

Wetting the soap.

[2] Rub the dirty brush in small circles until it starts to build a lather. Makeup will begin falling out of the brush.

Building a lather.

[3] Set the soap down, and continue to whirl the brush in the palm of your hand, while running it under water, until all of the makeup is gone. Rub on the soap as many times as it takes to remove all of the product.

Clean lip brush.

Let’s take a look at how a few of the other brushes cleaned-up!

Cleaning the black gel out of the liner brush.

The liner brush is all clean.

The duo fibre blush brush is almost cleaned.

[4] Rinse the soap off, and let it air dry, in its container, with the lid off.



The Davinci Conditioning Brush Soap cleaned the caked-on makeup out of every bristle-type immaculately! I am very pleased with the results. The synthetic bristle brushes dried perfectly and without residue. The only complaint that I have is that the natural hair brushes dried-out a little more than I would like. To combat that, I sprayed them with a little Parian Spirit brush cleaner to rejuvenate the bristles prior to using them.

PROS: Solid and easy to pack in your makeup kit. It is also fairly small, so it takes up hardly any space. It cleans all types of bristles quickly and thoroughly. Because the bar of soap is so thick, it will last you a good amount of brush cleanings; thus, I find it very affordable and a great value.

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CONS: Is slightly drying for natural hair brushes. I would suggest using something else for your natural hair brushes that leaves them less dry. There is no slotted stand inside the tin, to help the soap dry on the bottom. Because of this, it sticks to the tin once completely dry. It is a mild annoyance to have to wedge the soap out of the container with a butter knife when I’m ready to use it.

I hope you enjoyed my review!

You can purchase DaVinci Conditioning Brush Cleaner from Alcone Co. in New York City.