Review & Tutorial: The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit

The Brush Guard has come out with a new product called The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit. It is an expansion to their already successful line of brush protectors that have been on the market for some time. Let’s take a look at what comes in the kit, and see how it performs!


PRICE: $19.95


PACKAGING: It is actually a multi-product kit! More details below.

SIZE: More detail below.

CONSISTENCY: Very viscous and thick. Perfect for getting “gunk” and build-up out.

SMELL: Honestly, a tad bit like glue.

INGREDIENTS: Organic Aloe Juice, Organic Lavender Distillate, Roman Chamomile Distillate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Kosher Vegetable Gylcerin, Phenoxyethanol, Pro Vitamin B5, Hydrolized Wheat Proteins, Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil, Vitamin E, Tetrasodium EDTA, Citric Acid.


Let’s see what comes in the kit!

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. HOVER OVER DOTS] The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit contents.

The selection of products that come in the kit are super nice! You get:

[ ] Textured-bottom washinging cup
[ ] Ventilated drying vase
[ ] Microfiber blotting cloth
[ ] Bottle of brush shampoo
[ ] Sampler pack of assorted brush guards

I want you guys to see an up-close of the bottom of the washing cup. It’s so cool! It has a textured pattern on the bottom that allows you to really scrub the gunk from your brushes.

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. HOVER OVER DOTS] Textured bottom of the washing cup.

Also, take a peek at the selection of brush guards that come with the kit:

[ ] 1 Powder
[ ] 2 Foundation
[ ] 2 Blush
[ ] 1 Shadow

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. HOVER OVER DOTS] Brush Guards that come in the kit.

Now, on to the tutorial!

The instructions.

The instructions are printed very clearly and plainly on the back of the box. I decided to use it, for the first time, on camera, so that we can see together how well it really works.

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[1] I started by wetting my dirty brushes.



[2] I put about a silver dollar’s worth of brush shampoo at the bottom of the washing cup.
[3] I then, gently, rubbed the dirty brush in small circles on the bottom of the cup until the dirt came out. It literally took all of four seconds for the makeup to dissolve and fall out of brush. It was no-muss, no-fuss.

[4] I clean all of the brushes in one sitting, before heading to the sink to rinse the shampoo out of the bristles.

The brushes are all cleaned and rinsed-off.


[5] I blotted the excess water from the bristles to aid in reducing the drying time.

Blotting the excess water from the brush.


[6] Then, I put the brush guards on to help the bristles hold their shape while drying.


[7] I finished by setting the brushes, bristles down/handle up, into the drying vase and let dry overnight.



The Results.

The brushes came out spotless, clean, well-moisturized, and the bristles were shaped like the day I had purchased the brushes. Incredible! It really made them feel brand new.



I’m not sure if it is the cleaner, the bottom of the washing cup, or BOTH that make this kit such a success. I really enjoyed using this kit because I didn’t have to do much of any work! Don’t you just hate having to clean 1,567,985 brushes; as your fingers end up wrinkly, like wet chicken nuggets, from having to keep them submerged in the water for so long, massaging bristles? Yeah, NONE of that struggle here. Your hands don’t even get wet. I was really shocked at how soft and shiny the bristles turned out once they finished drying! It was a very welcomed surprise. I never really get that from brush cleaners. Now, I must confess that I did not like the smell of the brush cleaner. You can’t smell it, outright, but if you put your nose to the bottle, the shampoo smells exactly like Elmer’s glue. When I first opened the shampoo, I was expecting it to have a fragrance… however, to my surprise, I stuck my nose down the hole and…

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… it was not what I was expecting. Yeah… don’t smell it. I guess I could have expected that, had I read the ingredients first. After reading the back label, I noticed that there was no fragrance or dye added to the cleaner, which explains the chemical smell. But this is good news, actually. This means that there are very few irritants to worry about for people with sensitive skin. I’m a fan of scented cleaners, but for the quality of this one, I am willing to live with it being fragrance-free. Plus, the glue smell does not transfer to the brushes. They smell completely neutral once dry. Another thing that I like about the ingredients were the abundance of oils and natural ingredients. I assume that the aloe has a lot to do with the shine that i mentioned before. For all of you chemistry people, you know that aloe is acidic and, thus,  aids in closing the cuticles on hair which contributes to shine. Also, the various oils help to leave the bristles feeling conditioned and new after each wash. This is a brush cleaning system that I plan to keep around! I’d say to give it a go if I were you!

If you would like to purchase The Brush Guard Cleaning Kit [CLICK HERE].