Review: Beauty Blender Pure, Pro, Original, Air.port, & Cleansers

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. CLICK THE DOTS] The Beauty Blender line of products.

One of the most-used tools in my entire makeup kit are my Beauty Blender sponges! Those little sponges seem to have been imagined by the gods, and constructed by the angels. It’s a conundrum, how something so simple and basic and obvious could be so revolutionary. I decided to show you their line of products and tell you why I love them so much. I will be showing you the Original (pink), Pro (black), and Pure (white) Beauty Blender sponges… the liquid and solid cleaners… and the Air.port carrying case. Keep reading to find out more! THE SPONGES:

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. CLICK THE DOTS] The Original, Pro, and Pure Beauty Blender sponges.

These are by far the best cosmetic sponges i have ever used. Say, “goodbye” to the triangle wedge sponges from the makeup store, the cheap red sponges from the beauty supply store, and those disgusting sponges lurking in the bottom dish of your makeup compacts! Beauty Blender offers you a hygienic, reusable sponge. I have been using the original (pink) Beauty Blender for almost two years now, and have just recently been introduced to the Pure (white) version, and the not-yet-released Pro (black) version. All of the sponges are formulated and work the same, they just come in different colors. I find that the best way to use them is to run warm water over the sponge, while simultaneously squeezing it a few times, to allow it to fill with water and expand. Once the sponge is fully expanded, I squeeze all of the excess water out of it and use it damp (for both foundation and powder).Watch me use the Beauty Blender in this video tutorial:

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Beauty blender has two products on the market to help you keep your sponges clean: Liquid cleanser and solid cleanser.

The Beauty Blender liquid BlenderCleanser

The liquid cleanser is the original one released for the sponges. It is very viscous (thick) and works well to get in the pores of the sponge to remove the makeup. Although it is a great cleaner, it was never my favorite because of the size of the bottle. As a makeup artist in New York City, keeping the size of my kit to a minium is a priority. Carrying around this clunky bottle was not an option for reasons of space. HOWEVER, Beauty Blender has answered my prayers and released a new, solid, version of their cleanser.

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. CLICK THE DOTS] The Beauty Blender Solid BlenderCleanser

Now we have the solid Beauty Blender BlenderCleanser! I truly love this product. It is the ideal packaging for a makeup artist. The solid cleanser is a lavender-scented soap that you wet, then rub your sponge around in. The soap is about the size of the mouth of a cup and comes in a plastic container that has a small, removable, vented tray inside for the soap to sit on; allowing it to dry all the way around, without the soap becoming stuck inside the container. It only takes a few whirls of the sponge in the soap to get it saturated with product. The soap is a very efficient cleanser and leaves the sponge smelling great. I recommend this version if I had to choose between the liquid and the solid. It’s just more practical for me.

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The Beauty Blender Air.port storage case.

Beauty Blender now offers a way for your to carry your sponges in style! They have invented a small, mesh-ventilated case for you to store your Beauty Blenders in while they dry. I love the cute details on the bag: It has a magnetic closure, vented sides, a small finger-carry strap, and a cute beauty blender charm. I was able to put all three of my beauty blenders in the case while they are dry, however, only one can fit in the case while it is wet. Is the the most practical storage solution for a professional who has multiple blenders to store? No. Is it perfect for an average person on the go, who needs a place to keep their sponge sanitary while it drys, and a grab-n-go solution while traveling? Yes.

Front view of the Beauty Blender Air.port case.

Side view of the Beauty Blender Air.port case. (Solid Cleanser inside)

Top view of the Beauty Blender Air.port case.

If you can’t tell after reading this post, then I will make it plain for you: I LOVE the Beauty Blender line of products. I highly suggest you giving their range a try. You can purchase these products directly through Beauty Blender [] or at one of their many retail stockists [Click Here].