Kiko Makeup Milano NYC Haul

Italian makeup brand, Kiko Cosmetics, has made its way to the United States! One of their five locations opened in New York City, so of course I had to make my way to the Queens Center Mall to check them out.

First, a little bit about Kiko (from their website):


Over 1.200 professional makeup and skincare products and advanced accessories.

Founded in 1997, KIKO MILANO is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that has revolutionized the rules of cosmetics and won over the most demanding beauty addicts with over 600 points of sale in 8 countries in Europe (Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland) with its presence in 34 nations (thanks to its online service delivery) and now with its new opening in U.S.

KIKO MILANO is constantly committed to a single objective: to allow all women to treat themselves to the most innovative cosmetics without having to sacrifice their budget. Quality is no longer synonymous with high prices.


The KIKO MILANO universe is an example of innovation in form – due to its display with the largest makeup color palette made of vibrant and pure pigments – and in substance, thanks to the exclusive formulas and the revolutionary texture of its skincare products. Behind each product is the excellent research of an expert scientific team that develops new technologies and original formulas.


High quality and extreme safety in addition to creativity, taste, and a focus on detail. That’s how KIKO MILANO ensures the finest standards of excellence through products that are both gentle and highly effective:

Makeup and skincare formulas are produced in Europe and in the USA

The range is subjected to accurate and in-depth safety evaluation

The clinical tests are performed by university institutes and dermatological clinics

The control of every product and each ingredient complies with the regulations enforced by EU and US law. In addition, KIKO has a black list of cosmetic ingredients permitted by law in various countries but still not good enough for the brand.


So, now that you know a little bit about the philosophy of the brand, lets take a look at the store. I absolutely LOVE the decidedly “futuristic” ambiance of the store. It felt like I was shopping in a space capsule. The store was spotlessly clean, the product was clean (save for some sketchy mascara tubes that still had the wand attached to them! I saw one or two people “test” the mascara directly from the display! Yikes!), and the staff was extremely helpful and readily available.

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Let’s take a look at the products I took home:

Eye Click 01
$2.00 USD

This is an empty case to put your loose eyeshadows in. This is part of the Eye Clics Palette System, which range in size from 1-shadow, all the way up to 24-shadows.



Infinity Eyeshadow #202
$8.00 USD

A beautiful light golden shimmer color, great for tear-duct highlighting. This shadow is sold alone (without the Eye Clic case).


Infinity Trio Eyeshadow
$9.00 USD (purchased on sale for $5.00)

A gorgeous trio of soft, neutral-tone satin color; perfect for highlighting the brow on different skin tones. This shadow is sold alone (without the Eye Clic case.)


Water Eyeshadow #200
$14.00 USD (purchased on sale for $9.80)

This is a hyper-shine, metallic eyeshadow that you can use wet or dry. When used with a fluffy brush (like a blush brush) it can be applied as a highlight (an exact dupe for the MAC Whisper of Gilt, actually). I have found that the best way to apply it on the eyes is using my finger. You get opaque coverage that way! This is easily going to be one of my favorite products of the brand.


I am LIVING for these @kikocosmeticsofficial Watershadows! If you loved the MAC Whisper of Gilt and need a dupe, Watershadow #202 is a PERFECT dupe! On the left is applied wet (looks like liquid metal) and on the right applied dry. #makeup #beauty #kiko #milano #italy #fashion #style #mac #dupe

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Color Sphere Duo Eyeshadow #100
$14.00 USD

This beautiful gold-and-brown baked shadow duo is perfect for a simple look. Sweep the brown on the lid and lower lashline, and place the gold on the tear duct. Simple as pie!

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Super Color Mascara #7 Sky Blue
$8.00 USD (purchased on sale for $5.60)

This is a shockingly bright and opaque colored mascara. The formula is thick and coats the lashes evenly. It does tend to clump, so you need to apply it QUICKLY and make sure to comb the lashes afterward.


Definition Waterproof Eyeliner (black)
Glitter Eyeliner #2 (silver)
$10.00 USD (purchased on sale for $5.00)

**HOLY GRAIL ALERT** The Definition Waterproof Eyeliner is the BLACKEST and the most UNBUDGABLE (is that even a word?) liquid liner I’ve ever used. Once it dries, good luck getting it off! It will take an oil-based remover to get it off. Swimming, sweating, and sleeping are no match for it!


The glitter version that I purchased is also very beautiful. I think it works better if you put it OVER another liner. The glitter is dense, but the clear liquid that it is in tends to crack once dry… and I don’t like that. If you put it over another liner, it looks marvelous!


Glitter Eye Pencil #2 (black glitter)
$10.00 USD (purchased on sale for $5.00)

A super-black and delicately-glittery water-resistant pencil liner. The pencil is super creamy and is fairly smudge-resistant when dry. It holds up to its “sportproof” claim!


Invisible Lip Liner
$9.00 USD (purchased on sale for $6.30)

This is a liner that you put ONLY on the outside of your lips. It helps to keep your lipstick from bleeding. This formula is not as “stiff” as I would prefer, but we shall see how it holds up on a long shoot day. I’ll have to report back on this one later.

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Creamy Lipgloss Pencil #101 (Pearly Shell Rose)
Creamy Lipgloss Pencil #105 (Fire Red)
$9.00 USD

These are gorgeous lipgloss pencils. Not too opaque, not too sheer, and with HIGH GLOSS! Like, your lips look drenched and succulent! LoL


Illuminating Mask
$4.00 USD (purchased on sale for $2.80)

I actually have not tried this product yet, so I do not have an opinion of it. The name is pretty self-explanatory though.


That’s what I got on this first trip, and so far I have LOVED every. single. piece.! How rare is that? For the products to be so economical [read: cheap] they really are great quality. I will have no problem dropping money on more items in the future.

Unfortunately, Kiko does not retail online in the United States. If you don’t live near one of their 5 retail outlets, you are out of luck unless you have a friend near one. Hopefully Kiko will expand with more retail locations and a virtual presence.