MakeUp for Beginners: What Products to Buy

MakeUp for Beginners What Products to BuyIf you do not know what decorative cosmetics to use and how to do it correctly, this article created together with Drugstore Princess will be useful for you. We’ll walk you through the basics of makeup for beginners and reveal a couple of tricks for experienced makeup artists. This article has collected some easy-to-follow but effective tips that you can implement after reading this article!

Makeup for beginners: the basic recommendations

Makeup is for:

  • with its help, you can hide minor defects and imperfections, and emphasize the advantages in your appearance;
  • you can look different every day, which means you can feel different and interesting;
  • you can look younger;
  • you will unlearn bad habits such as licking and biting your lips, rubbing your eyes, biting your nails, because you have to preserve your makeup;
  • Paradoxical as it may seem, the quality of your skin will improve: you will be more careful in cleansing and moisturizing it. Cosmetics also protects the skin from the negative effects of the external environment: sunlight, wind and frost.

Several ways to learn how to put on makeup

You can take a few lessons from a professional makeup artist. Nowadays, mini-courses are very popular in which a specialist will revise your cosmetics, select decorative cosmetics that are suitable for you and teach you how to use it. There are even makeup tutorials for beginners online.

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Follow new trends. Casual makeup with a minimum of funds is now in trand, which is very beneficial for a beginner.

Practice, practice and more practice. You can watch thousands of videos and photos of makeup lessons, for example, how to properly paint lips, but without practice, this will not make sense.

Study your face, find similar features of famous people and try to repeat their makeup.

Makeup for beginners: what to buy

In makeup for beginners, there is a rule: first, it is better to use less makeup and choose natural (nude) colors, and then gradually enrich your makeup bag. Start with mascara, light shadows, blush, tone and lip gloss in a natural shade. Such a set will help to align and refresh the complexion and make the look open.

Anyone who has decided on the professional improvement of appearance, in addition to the listed funds, must have the following means:

  • primer – makeup base. Thanks to it, cosmetic stuff hold better, and the skin looks well-groomed. Should be applied before tone
    foundation for eyeshadows prevents them from rolling or crumpling.
  • a concealer or corrector is used to correct small imperfections: dark circles under the eyes, inflammation, age spots, etc.
  • highlighter – a product with reflective particles used to highlight the cheekbones, forehead, inner corners of the eye, the area under the eyebrow and the bridge of the nose, which allows modeling the face proportions.
  • bronzer is another tool for correcting cheekbones and facial contours. Remember: the highlighter visually enlarges, the bronzer reduces
    a large palette of different or the same range of shades and colors of shadows will help to make soft color transitions and work out eye makeup.
  • eyeliner – for making Hollywood lines.
  • kohl – soft pencil for drawing the mucous membrane and lash line.
  • eyebrow pencil and shadow will make your face brighter.
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We won’t here describe on how to put eyeshadows right or some other cosmetic products. You are welcome to follow the link above and get to know all the beauty tricks created by one professional.