TUTORIAL: How To Order Custom Engraved Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes

Hakuhodo’s Japanese website does not offer shipping outside of Japan at this time, so it is necessary to use a forwarding service. Tenso, located in Tokyo, acts as an intermediary by accepting your package from Hakuhodo, then mailing it to wherever you are located on the globe! You will need a create an account with Tenso (www.Tenso.com/en), and make note of your unique Tenso mailing address.

STEP 2: Use Google Chrome

As I mentioned earlier, you cannot get custom engraving through Hakuhodo’s English website. This means that you will need to shop on their Japanese website (www.Hakuho-do.co.jp), and enlist the assistance of a browser translator. I like to use Google’s Chrome Browser because it automatically gives you the option of translating a website when it detects a foreign language. Go ahead and shop for all of your brushes.

STEP 3: Start The Checkout Process

Once you have found all of your brushes, we will begin the checkout process. You will need to find the “Shopping Basket” link in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Click on it.

STEP 4: Add The Custom Engraving Text


Once you are inside your shopping basket, you will want to look for the text boxes that read: “Put your name (surcharge)”. This is where you will input what you want engraved into your makeup brushes. Keep in mind that there is a surcharge of ¥150 (about $1.25 according to the current conversion rate), and there is only 1 cursive-looking font available.

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STEP 5: Choose The Engraving Color

You will now want to move further left, and select an engraving color from the drop-down menu. The selections will remain in Japanese, so I have listed the colors, in English, in the order that they appear in the menu:

[1] White
[2] Gold
[3] Silver
[4] Brown
[5] Blue

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