Swatch & Review: Your Name Professional Brands Lip Color Sticks


Your Name Professional Brands has released their Spring 2013 color collection, and one of the first items on my list to try were their Lip Color Sticks!


PACKAGING: They come in a twist-to-advance plastic pencil.

SIZE: About the size of a tube of lipgloss.

CONSISTENCY: Creamy and opaque.

SMELL: No detectable smell.

TASTE: No taste.

INGREDIENTS: Contact Your Name Professional Brands for more information.

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: These creamy, ultra-modern, highly-pigmented color sticks glide on smoothly for lips that are soft, scintillating, and oh-so sexy. Convenient, propel/repel pencil never needs sharpening.


Let’s take a look!


The product comes pre-molded into a domed-tip, which is perfect for applying your lip color on the go…



As you use the lip pencil, you can twist the knob to advance the product…




And now for the swatches!



[ ] Cordial – Shimmery red with blue undertone
[ ] Darling – Bubblegum pink
[ ] Delightful – Vibrant coral
[ ] Demure – Warm salmon
[ ] Sublime – Shimmery bronze



I love these lip pencils! I hate to sound like a lazy artist, but any product that spares me from having to dirty a brush INSTANTLY wins my attention. I love the fact that I can apply this lip pencil with precision, in 10 seconds, with no muss and no fuss. And even better, I can just throw it in my set bag, and not have to worry about fumbling through it later, trying to find a lip brush for touch ups. Another reason that I love these lip pencils is the pigment! Can you say it with me? O-P-A-Q-U-E! Although they apply like a gloss, they cover like a lipstick. In fact, this product should really be marketed as a 2-in-1, in my opinion. It gives you all of the hydration and shine of a lipgloss, but still provides the coverage and vibrance of a lipstick. These are a keeper! And the best part? They come with a one year, Kenya Moore, Gone With The Wind Fabulous guarantee!*

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*no, not really.

If you would like more information, click [HERE].