Swatch: Lime Crime Candy Apple Lipgloss & Airborne Unicorn, Glamour 101, and Poisonberry Lipsticks

I have some new goodies from Lime Crime and wanted to share the swatches with you!


[ ] Carousel Lip Gloss – Candy Apple – Glittery, high-shine, red.

[ ] Lipstick – Glamour 101 – Opaque, wine.

[ ] Lipstick – Poisonberry – Glossy, glittery, purple berry.

[ ] Lipstick – Airborne Unicorn – Opaque violet purple.



So far, I am extremely impressed with these lip products! The first thing I swatched was the lipgloss. Oh man! It is incredible! If I had to compare it to something, I would compare it to the YSL Golden Gloss. It has the exact same thick, luxurious texture, and even the same applicator brush. The pigment in the gloss is so rich, you can use the gloss alone and get an almost opaque coverage from it. The red is one of the most beautiful shades of red gloss I’ve seen. It has a super-fine shimmer to it, that adds to the high-shine. It reminds me of Dorothy’s red slippers in the “Wizard of Oz.”

Next, I swatched the lipsticks. When they said these things were densely pigmented, they weren’t playing! The first color I swatched was the Airborne Unicorn. I got opaque coverage with the FIRST stroke of the brush. I was like…

The color was so amazingly rich and creamy. I went ahead and swatched the other two colors and had the very same experience. Moisture and pigment. What more could I ask for?! Well, these are my initial thoughts!

UPDATE [12/23/2012]

I used the Glamour 101 Lipstick and Candy Apple gloss on one of my brides! We were really going for a succulent red lip, so I decided to give these colors a whirl. Boy was I (and the bride) super pleased with the outcome!

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