Review: Chi Touch Screen Dryer

By: Sonia Castleberry

Watch out, Apple! You aren’t the only company making me eager to touch my electronics. Chi has released a touch screen dryer to the market, which I have been using on set and with my clients for the past two weeks. Let’s un-box it and see what I think of its performance!



PRICE: $199.99

WATTAGE: 1800 watts.

WEIGHT: Extremely light and easy to handle.

CORD LENGTH: 9 feet.

BODY MATERIAL: Soft rubber finish with a no-slip grip.

NOISE LEVEL: The quietest dryer ever that I’ve ever heard.

TOUCH SCREEN: Very basic and easy to navigate without reading the manual.


  • 1800 watts – Our Most Powerful dryer yet = 50% less drying time.
  • Lightweight ergonomic design weighs 40% less.
  • New Soft Touch Rubber finish makes for the ultimate in styling comfort and non slip grip.
  • Superior DC motor quietest CHI dryer ever.
  • CHI Ceramic Heater and CHI Infrared Technology reduces static, eliminates frizz and rehydrates dry, damaged hair
  • Unique Memory Setting – remembers the last setting
  • Touch Screen has 4 screens that give you a multitude of options for various types of hair.
  • Home Screen; temperature, speed, & ions selection.
  • Temperature Screen;  3 touch temperature settings for superior drying control.
  • Speed Screen; 3 touch power settings for superior drying control.
  • Ion Screen; 3 touch ion settings allows you to set ions to your hair type.
  • Home screen button on each screen allows you to navigate back and forth to each screen.



Let’s see what comes in the kit!

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[ ] Dryer
[ ] Concentration Nozzle
[ ] Diffuser
[ ] Instruction Manual
[ ] CHI Infra Treatment
[ ] CHI Volume Booster


Now, for a look at the dryer…





And now a look at the available settings on the touch screen…




These are the accessories that attach to the dryer…





Chi has made the first touch screen blowdryer that allows you to actually customize the temperature, speed, and ion level for your hair type. As a professional hairstylist, I’m always working with different hair types, and to be able to toggle effortlessly between screen settings (and save them) helped me tremendously. I specifically decided to wait and try it out on a variety of hair types so that I can give you my honest opinion. As a Twin Turbo fan, I was looking for 3 main performance features from the Chi Touch: (1) Will it have the capability to straighten all types of hair? Even the very course and tightly curled patterns? (2) Will I be able to easily manipulate the dryer while holding other utensils (i.e. doing a blowout with the round brush)? (3) Will it give me a smooth, frizz-free finish with minimal product usage? Fortunately, the answer to all three questions was YES! I had the opportunity to use the Chi Touch this past weekend on a wedding party, and want to share that experience with you. First of all, let me say that every one was WOW’d when I pulled the futuristic-looking dryer out! The Chi Touch is, by far, the best-looking blowdryer that I have ever seen! As I watched my clients “ooo-ing” and “ahhh-ing” over the dryer, I could imagine what they were thinking in their heads:

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I was definitely pleased with the dryer’s performance and will continue to use it . It was light on my wrist and the side grips made for perfect handling while I was doing blowouts on the wedding party. This dryer has earned a spot in my kit… right next to my Twin Turbo. I’m not sure if I’m quite ready to give my Twin Turbo yet (I’m old school, I know…), but it’s always great to have a quality back-up dryer in my kit!

If you are looking for a new toy and are into gadgets, the Chi Touch has my vote! You can purchase it by clicking [HERE].