Kit Focus: De-Potting and Condensing Your Lipsticks Into A Palette

Here we go again… an all too familiar topic: Condensing Your Makeup Kit. Yes, I will continue to bash my readers over their heads with advice on how to take the bulk and weight out of their professional kits. This go round, we are going to look at how to get rid of those one million tubes of lipstick you have cluttering your makeup kit.

Once again, we will be using a storage solution from Muji. I know it is starting to sound redundant, that I use Muji for storage solutions, but they just get it right! They produce quality storage items that are affordable, easily accessible, and made to last. The reason that I like the Muji Connectable Pill Case is that the individual wells slide apart. That means that you can customize your lipstick palette to whatever shades you need, depending on the assignment. Let’s take a look at how the pill case looks when it is connected, versus when it is slid apart.

Muji Pill Case when connected.

Muji Pill Case slid apart.


The supplies.

[ ] Labeler of some sort
[ ] Muji Connectable Pill Case(s)
[ ] Metal Spatula
[ ] Lipstick(s)
[ ] Alcohol
[ ] Cotton pads


[1] Create the labels for all the lipsticks. (It’s better to do it now, as your hands will likely get dirty during this process.)

Creating the labels.

[2] Attach the labels to the bottom of the individual wells of the pill case.

Attaching the labels.

[3] Twist the lipstick up only a little at a time, and chop it up, using the metal spatula, into the container.

Chopping up the lipstick.

[4] When you get to the bottom of the tube, don’t forget that there is lipstick that is stuck below the lip of the tube. Dig it out with your metal spatula.

Digging out the remaining lipstick.

[5] Use the tip of the spatula to spread and flatten the lipstick into the container.

Flattening the lipstick into the container.

[6] Continue with the remaining lipsticks.

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Make sure to use your alcohol and cotton pads to clean the spatula and the rim of the containers as you move along.

Cleaning the spatula after changing lipstick colors.


You now have an interchangeable lipstick palette! Enjoy!

Finished de-potting!

Connecting the wells of my new lipstick palette.

Finished palette.

You can purchase the Muji Connectable Pill Case [HERE].


Don’t know what to do with all those leftover lipstick tubes? If they are MAC lipsticks, once you have six empty tubes, you can return them to a MAC store to get a free lipstick under their Back 2 MAC Program. Click [HERE] for more information on the program.