FIRST LOOK: MAKE UP FOR EVER’s 200 new Artist Shadow Eyeshadows and Empty Magnetic Palettes

Today I had the opportunity to drop by the MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Store in Union Square, to try out their new range of over 200 re-formulated eyeshadows. They also released 3 new sizes of their empty magnetic palette, and a series of 3 different plastic eyeshadow carrying cases.

Now, this isn’t one of my traditional reviews. I swatched a little bit and played around with the eyeshadows, but I have not used them on a client yet… so a formal review will be coming later! Here is what I CAN tell you about them:

-There are five different eyeshadow “finishes”: M=Matte, ME=Metal, S=Satin, I=Irridesent, and D=Diamond.

-The shadows are all numbered by groups. For instance, all of the blues begin with 200, all of the pinks begin with 800, and so on and so on.

-So, if you were looking for a diamond-finish blue eyeshadow, you would probably love D-222 (a beautiful color!)

-There is ZERO fall-out from these shadows. I swatched around 50 of them on my hand, and none of them had any trace of crumble – not even the diamond shadows! As we all know, shadows that contain glitter are notorious for fall-out, but there was none with these.

-We are all familiar with the traditional empty metal palette that MAKE UP FOR EVER has carried for a while. They have expanded that range with three new sizes: 18-shadow, 12-shadow, and 4-shadow. These are unique, in that they will have foam dividers that you can insert into them; something the old palette does not have. I also noticed that the new palettes are made from a MUCH more sturdy metal than previous ones, and the cushioning is exquisite on the inside.

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I hope you enjoy these cell-phone pictures of the new items, and as usual, post any questions below in the comments!