Kit Focus: Condensing The Liquid Foundations In Your Makeup Kit

Condensing Your Pro Makeup Kit

One of the biggest challenges I face is having to constantly add new products to my kit, while simultaneously reducing the size and weight of my kit. That sounds like the most contradictory statement in history, no? Yet, it is a very real conundrum for most of us makeup artists. I’m going to show you how to reduce one of the biggest offenders in taking up kit space: foundation bottles. Not only are they bulky, they can also be very heavy depending on the material they are made from. In reality, carrying the entire bottle is pointless. If you’re purchasing quality foundation, chance are, you’re only using 3-4 quirts of foundation; not half a bottle. So, let’s take a look at my favorite way to take the bulk out of my foundation supply!

Muji sells the best containers for this, in my opinion (my second choice being the Container Store).


The reason I am really partial to the Muji PE Cylinder Bottle with Snap Cap is [1] the bottle is “squishy” yet the top is solid and leak-proof, and [2] They only cost $1.25 each! Here is a close-up of the bottle:

Muji Refillable Plastic Bottle

[INTERACTIVE PICTURE. CLICK THE DOTS] Muji PE Cylinder Bottle with Snap Cap

My goal is to reduce the size and weight of my foundation supply by more than half!

FACE Atelier Liquid Foundation Muji Bottles

Going from heavy to portable.


Let’s look at what you will need to get started:


[1] Liquid Foundations (I’m using FACE Atelier *THE BEST EVER*)
[2] Muji PE Cylinder Bottles with Snap Cap
[3] Labeler of some sort (or even blank labels & a Sharpie)

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What I do is very simple:

[1] Create the labels.

Creating the labels


[2] Pump the foundation CAREFULLY into the bottle unti it’s about 8/10 full

FACE Atelier 0- Liquid Foundation Muji Bottle

Transferring the foundation.


[3] Screw on the cap and attach the label

FACE Atelier 0- Liquid Foundation Muji Bottle

Foundation is transferred and labeled.


[4] Keep going until you’re done!

FACE Atelier Liquid Foundation Muji Bottles

All done!



FACE Atelier Liquid Foundations Muji Bottles

The results.

Congratulations! You have reduced the size of your kit by a warehouse, and the weight by 600 pounds! The new storage solution weights next-to-nothing, and I can easily refill the bottles when I start to run out.

You can purchase FACE Atelier Ultra Foundation [HERE] and the Muji Bottles [HERE].