ANDRITA RENEE: Dascha Polanco for “Mission Impossible” Premiere

On this episode of ‘What is my life?!?’…

I’ve been on a weeklong gig assisting one of my mentors, right? Today was the last day of the gig and I was dressed in full on Michelle Tanner get up- because, duh, we were all done playing grown up and ready for a mid week vacay. Im talking oversized overalls with one strap blowing in the wind plus one big ass rainbow hued pigtail sat atop my head. Add 500 sparkly bangles and printed Chucks. I was totally Team WTF and loving it.
What I didn’t love was the fact that my friend told me she referred me for a gig AFTER I had already left my house for said job and it was too late to turn back. Turns out, I was up to do Brooklyn bombshell actress Dascha Polanco for the Mission Impossible NYC premiere after my asst gig. Two jobs in one day, yikes… but you know, whatever.

I booked the gig and despite my ridiculous appearance I was stoked….Until I realized that my hair kit had consisted of all tools and NO product for the past few days. Only professional styling product I had on me was Amika’s Touchable Hairspray. Thank Jesus, Beyonce, Michelle and Kelly Dascha wanted a sleek and chic ponytail. I made it all happen with THAT plus my two (mini and regular) Amika flat irons and dryer.
girl looked SO goodT!

Music Inspo: Hollywood Dreams by Miguel:

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