VIDEO: Storage Ideas For Condensing Your Freelance Makeup Kit

In this video, I will give you ideas on how you can use different storage options to depot and decant your large makeup supply into travel-friendly palettes. Be sure to change the video settings to 720p or 1080p for HD quality!



[ ] MAKE UP FOR EVER Pro Palette
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[ ] Muji Connectable Pill Case
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-$3.25 for 6 wells

[ ] Container Store Flip-Top Bottles (1oz. & 2oz.)
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-$0.79 to $0.89

[ ] Muji PET Cylinder Bottle (12ml)
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[ ] Monda Studio 35-Wells Paintbox Palette
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[ ] Container Store Mini 8-Compartment Box
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[ ] MAKE UP FOR EVER Empty Flash Palette
– Order by phone only: (212) 941-9337

[ ] Dick Blick Global Canvas 48 Pencil Case
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[ ] Container Store Medium 6-Compartment Box
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