TUTORIAL: How To Order Custom Engraved Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes


Hakuhodo says it can take up to 10 business days for them to manufacture your brushes. In my experience, it has taken no more than 1-3 business days. When your order is completed, Hakuhodo will send you an email containing a shipping tracking number, and your brushes will be on their way to Tenso.

Once Tenso receives your brushes, they will send you an email. You will then pay your shipping fees, which will vary depending on the delivery speed you choose. I usually go with the 2-day shipping option.

All together, from online order to my door, it takes the brushes about 1 week! The process is incredibly fast!

Hakuhodo Makeup Brush Japan EMS Delivery

EMS Package arrived to my home in New York City, from Tenso’s Tokyo location in only 2 days!



Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes Tenso Forwarding

Hakuhodo sends you package to Tenso, and Tenso forwards it to you!



Hakuhodo Makeup Brush Orange Box

The brushes come wrapped in Hakuhodo’s signature orange.



Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes Purple Box  J5521 G5553

The Hakuhodo Brushes (G5553 and J5521) are individually wrapped and secured to prevent bristle damage and handle chipping.



Hakuhodo Makeup Brushes  J5521 G5553

My custom-engraved Hakuhodo J5521 & G5553. Worth every penny!



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