Sh*t Makeup Artists Say On Set


So, I’m minding my own business and being productive on Facebook [that was a lie], and I scroll across this hilarious video that my friend Angela Hall posted called “Sh*t Makeup Artists Say On Set.” I swear to you, I have said at least 70% of these things. Don’t act like you haven’t! It’s all come out of my mouth at one point or another:

“J-Lo Glow. Like, a glow from within…”

“Do you want like a rosy-red, brick red, orangey-red…?”

“So, I’m thinking, like, fresh and dewy…”

“Dramatic, but still simple.”

“You need her by when? 10 minutes? She JUST sat in my chair…”

“I just need you to look up. No, not your whole head, just your eyes.”

This video totally had me in stitches. Check it out! And be sure to follow the video’s creator, @juliannekaye on Instagram, and check out Angela’s full-service web design, SEO, and marketing company, Flycatcher Creative. Support woman-owned businesses!

Tell me, what phrases do you find yourself saying over-and-over on set?


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Victor Amos
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