ARTIST DIARY: Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover (Behind the Scenes)

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Behind The Scenes

I was so excited when I got the call from my agent, letting me know that I had been booked to do the September 2015 cover of Ebony magazine. When I read the callsheet and saw that I would be working with my partner-in-crime, Ursula Stephen, and a group of fresh “It Girls” in the modeling industry, I knew that I was in for a treat.

I immediately called my friends at Dior and requested around 20 nail lacquer colors to be sent to set for me. I wanted lots of options, so that I would be prepared for any wardrobe scenario. I did all 6 girls myself, including a few polish changes. When I tell you I was dog-tired by the end of the day! We ended up shooting for 12 hours, but the long day was well worth it. Check out some behind-the-scenes pictures on this page, then flip to the full, published spread on the next page!


Diandra Forrest – Dior Vernis #494 Junon

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Diandra Forrest


Chantelle “Winnie” Harlow – Dior Vernis #902 Bar

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Chantelle Winnie Harlow


Marquita Pring – Dior Vernis #678 Créoles

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Marquita Pring


Samantha Archibald – Dior Vernis #892 Be Dior

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Samantha Archibald


Fatima Siad – (custom mixture) Dior Vernis #803 Metal Montaigne + #902 Bar

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Fatima Siad


Milan Dixon – (custom mixture) Dior Vernis #791 Darling Blue + #902 Bar

Ebony Magazine September 2015 Cover Milan Dixon


Here is a little behind the scenes video melange that I took on set:


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